TrueNth exercise and diet – advice

The aim of the True NTH Exercise and Diet consultation

Following the True NTH Exercise and Diet Assessment, the advice part of the intervention is designed to address health and wellbeing needs of men. Please note that this part of the intervention can only be carried out by registered pharmacists.

Obtaining the prescription and delivering personalised advice

The patient’s clinical assessment results are entered on PharmOutcomes. When the assessment is complete, the system uses the specially designed True NTH Exercise and Diet algorithm to generate a prescription based on the individual’s assessment. This forms the basis of the personalised Exercise and Diet advice delivered by the pharmacist.

Patient pack and resources

Together with their prescription all patients will be issued with a ‘Man-ual’ during their initial pharmacy consultation. This is a 12 week step-by-step guide covering all aspects of the programme, including the patient’s dietary and exercise prescription. Although much of the content will apply to all patients, they will be guided by you to the sections covering their prescribed programme for both diet and exercise.

The Man-ual is accompanied by a resource pack which includes a documentary-style DVD (presenting the scientific evidence and case studies of men who have made positive lifestyle changes) and exercise devices (pedometer and stretch-bands).

Consultation and support

In an attempt to maximise compliance, behaviour change techniques have been built into the programme. The Man-ual provides weekly task lists and includes activities such as goal setting, action planning, self-monitoring, social support, habit formation, self-reward, biofeedback, and demonstration of the behaviour.

To provide additional support each patient will also receive two phone calls within the 12 week programme. The first will happen one week after the initial consultation and the second six weeks after. The purpose of the first call is to check the patient’s understanding and provide an opportunity for him to ask any questions. The second phone call will involve motivational interview techniques (Consultation skills pg9) and will provide the patient with the opportunity to set further goals and ask any further questions he may have.

Exercise advice

The exercise component of the True NTH Exercise and Diet Intervention uses the results of the physical (cardiovascular fitness and strength) tests to develop personalised advice for men. The research conducted during phase one of the project led to the development of an algorithm for physical assessment and individualised exercise advice. This intervention allows specific fitness (cardiopulmonary fitness and strength) deficits in men with prostate cancer to be addressed.

Three components of the exercise prescription

The test battery was designed to measure three important components of physical fitness.