The systolic and diastolic blood pressures (BP) will be measured by standard auscultatory technique, on the non dominant arm, after resting for 5 minutes in the sitting position.

The blood pressure cuff will be situated 2 cm above the elbow crease (antecubital fossa) and the blood pressure cuff will be adjusted to arm girth. Those with a larger arm circumference of greater than 32 cm will require a larger cuff.

The BP measurement will be taken after 5 minutes of sitting in a relaxed position with the arm rested on a table at the level of the heart. During the measurement of BP the participant will be informed not to speak. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure will be recorded, along with the resting heart rate. The measurement will be repeated after a further 1 minute of rest.

If after the second measurement, the average participant’s blood pressure is equal or greater than 160 mmHg systolic or 110 mmHg diastolic the service will need to stop at this point.

Do not continue with the assessment or provide any exercise advice. The participant will be instructed to discuss with their GP whether it is medically safe for them to undertake physical exercise, and they will be provided with a Macmillan Cancer Referral Scheme booklet.

The participants may be allowed to come back and continue with the service if they provide a pharmacist with a letter from their GP certifying that it is safe for them to exercise. If the patient comes back with a letter from their GP, the Siconolfi Step Test should NOT be performed and the participant should be classified into the group with ”low cardiovascular fitness”.