Body Weight

Body weight will be measured using a calibrated scale in the pharmacy. Participants will be measured barefoot or with socks and wearing one layer of light clothing. Weight will be recorded in kilograms (kg), rounded to 1 decimal place. Ensure that the scale is set to zero before weighing a participant. Position the scales close to a wall so that the participant faces the wall and can support themselves against it if required.


Height will be measured using a stadiometer. Participants will stand in front of the stadiometer, heels against the wall/baseplate, arms relaxed by their sides and head in the Frankfort plane (the lower border of the eye socket is inline with the upper notch of the ear).

Ensure that there are three points of contact (the heels of the feet, the buttocks and the shoulders) between the participant and the backrest of the stadiometer.

The assessor will slide the head board downwards until it rests on the participant’s head. Ask the participant to take a large breath in and to hold it, then take the measurement.

Height will be recorded in centimetres (rounded to 1 decimal place). These height and weight measurements will be used to calculate BMI.


PharmOutcomes will then automatically calculate BMI 

BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height (m) x Height (m)]