Capillary finger prick blood tests will be taken to check Total Cholesterol (TC), High-Density Lipid Cholesterol (HDL-C) and glucose concentrations.

The finger tip will be cleansed with an alcohol wipe and punctured using a lancet, typically the ring finger is the most comfortable for the participant.

The puncture site should be on the border of the finger on the fleshy part (on the side next to the middle finger). Gentle pressure should be applied to the base of the finger.

The first blood droplet will be wiped away using a gauze swap and then the droplet of blood will be collected into a capillary tube, approximately 3- 4 large droplets of blood is required.
TC, HDL-C and glucose will be measured using the CardioChek biochemical analyser.

Apply the blood to the window of the analysis strip in the CardioChek device and wait for approximately 3 minutes for the analysis to complete.

Image 1 shows the CardioChek device and the test strips and image 2 shows the site for the finger prick puncture.