For community pharmacy teams

These pages for pharmacy teams have been developed to support you in delivering the True NTH Exercise & Diet Intervention.

All community pharmacy staff involved in delivering the intervention have undertaken the study-specific training and met all the required competencies outlined within the Declaration of Competence Framework. Competences and responsibilities for pharmacists and non-pharmacist staff are detailed in the Training Book as well as in the Service Specification document and the Declaration of Competence document.

The study-specific training is designed to build on pharmacy staff’s existing knowledge, and in particular the skills attained by completion of the three specifically selected CPPE (Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education) learning programmes. In addition, the University of Surrey provided a bespoke study-specific training including assessment and consultation.

The three educational films were developed to support your learning. Please watch them and relate the information to your existing knowledge and to aspects of healthcare associated with prostate cancer.


Tim Ward True NTH educational video

Tim Ward (prostate cancer survivor) talks about his journey through prostate cancer treatment and gives tips on the positive lifestyle changes that helped him improve his health and wellbeing.


Mike Kirby True NTH educational video

Professor Mike Kirby (world renowned expert in prostate cancer treatment, University of Hertfordshire) shares his expertise on how he helps prostate cancer patients understand the benefits and importance of lifestyle change. Mike says: “My aim is adding life to years, not just adding years to life. I know from personal experience what devastation an early death can cause to a man’s family, so preventative medicine and risk reduction are subjects that are close to my heart.”


Sara Faithfull True NTH educational video

Professor Sara Faithfull (Sara Faithfull True NTH educational (Professor of Cancer Nursing Practice at the University of Surrey; principal investigator of the True NTH Exercise and Diet project) explains the aims of the project and the importance of health and wellbeing in making a difference for men with Prostate Cancer


Training workshop

In addition, a one-day Training Workshop has been delivered on 19th April 2016 to enable pharmacy staff to acquire the skills required to deliver the True NTH Exercise and Diet Intervention.