Purpose: To test upper body strength.

Illustrate the use of the instrument to the participant prior to testing. 

  • Adjust the grip size of the dynamometer until the second joint of the index finger is at a 90 degree angle on the handle (90 ̊ flexion between proximal and middle phalangeal joint). When adjusting the grip size, the hand should be in line with the wrist and forearm.
  • Make sure the instrument is set to zero before each measurement.
  • The participant should be in a standing position, arms at their side, not touching their body. Keep elbow bent slightly.
  • Ask the participant to squeeze the dynamometer with as much force as possible, being careful to squeeze only once for each measurement.
  • Three squeezes should be made with a pause of about 10-20 seconds between each squeeze to avoid the effects of muscle fatigue.  The participant should alternate between sides for each squeeze
  • Record the result of each squeeze to the nearest kilogram. If the difference in scores is within 3 kg, the test is complete.

If the participant has any difficulty doing the assessment (for example has arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, etc.) please record this in the notes section on PharmOutcomes.